Friday, December 14, 2007

Come, Follow Me

This one is called:  "Come, Follow Me."  The idea behind the painting is for us to realize that Christ is inviting us to follow Him.  We're told in the scriptures to "become as little children" with our faith in Him.  Christ is looking at us individually here, with love, tenderness and genuine concern.


Jon and Amy Richards said...

Your artwork is beautiful. I was wondering what my chances are of getting permission to use this image in a much smaller format (1.5"x2") for a bookmark/handout in our ward. Not for resale or anything like that. It really supports our theme for this year. You can email me @

Melissa Mae said...

Where can I buy this one? It is amazing!!!

V said...

Any chance you do custom paintings? Similar to this one but with certain children???

boldyaug said...

I saw this painting on the cover of Kim Rives book (about her after death testimony) titled, "My Walk thru Heaven". I just love it! whenever I look at Jesus's face on that book, it's like I'm really looking right in His face as He asks to follow Him further each day. thank you for your beautiful paintings!

Unknown said...


I am impressed with the art work, can i get a high resolution image for printing?

Lisa said...

Hi Dan,
Are you selling your artworks as prints or canvas and would you ship to Australia?
Or a high resolution image would be easier for us to get printed without any shipping/waiting hassels.
I work at a Catholic school and we are looking for images with Jesus and children and this is stunning.
Hope you can help,
Kind regards,
Lisa Knight.