Friday, December 14, 2007

Teach Me to Pray

This painting is called:  "Teach Me to Pray".  The two children were members of my ward and were so cute!  I wanted to show a situation where a young Christ is spending time with children showing them how to pray to His father.  The girl is "peaking" up at His face in adoration.  I love this part of the scene.  Her beautiful young face is captivating I think and I hope that I captured it in such a way that you as a viewer can feel her love for Christ.  Christ of course knows that she's peaking and so he's giving her a little squeeze with His hand that is around her.  The young boy is diligently trying to keep his eyes closed, but obviously has a very relaxed relationship with Christ and so is also allowing a bit of a smile to form on his expression.  I don't know, I think it's a warm and friendly setting.  I hope you can feel both the inspirational part of the painting as well as the playful and well connected relationship that Christ must have had with all the children he came in contact with.

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